The water in your central heating system is contaminated with rust and sludge caused by internal corrosion. This corrosion can start to cause the following problems:-

  • Circulation problems in the central heating system
  • Boiler noise problems
  • Premature failure of central heating system components, including your boiler
  • Reduces the overall efficiency of your central heating system

Bailey’s Plumbing & Heating offer an effective solution in the form of a Chemical Powerflush

How does a Chemical Powerflush work?

We connect specialist power flushing equipment to your central heating system to dislodge and clear rust and sludge that has accumulated within your central heating system. We use fresh clean water to ensure the central heating system is completely clear and then add scale and corrosion inhibitor to provide long term protection for your heating service.

What equipment do we use?

We use the ProFlush Thermal Unit which introduces heat into the system to enable the chemicals to work quicker and therefore more effectively

If you’re interested in finding out more about this service or other services offered by Bailey’s Plumbing & Heating then please contact us

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