Baileys Plumbing & Heating actively recommend to all their customers that all gas appliances are inspected and services on an annual basis for the following reasons:-

  • An efficient gas appliance SAVES money both in the short and long term
  • A safe gas appliance SAVES lives – Carbon Monoxide is one of the biggest killers in the home

Baileys Plumbing & Heating understand that it can be frustrating when your boiler develops a fault and no longer works.

We offer ta comprehensive approach to fault finding, diagnostics and problem resolution for:

  • ALL Gas Appliances
  • Irrespective of age

We will utilise our expert knowledge to provide you with:-

  • An accurate diagnosis of the problems
  • An overview of the work required to address the problem
  • A full breakdown of costs

Our approach will allow you to have all the facts in front of you before the work is undertaken.

Baileys Plumbing & Heating offer expert advice on all aspects of plumbing and heating therefore if you have an enquiry or would like more information then please contact us

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